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The Philosophy

"Is there anything we can do to reduce our plastic usage?"
"Sure, we can... you know, if you want to make an impact, you have to think big. Help others to reduce their usage. Why don't you start a business?"

In June 2018, Holly and Duncan had that fateful conversation created the Pop! philosophy - create superior, scientifically proven products, while considering the disposal impact of our products.

How do our products follow good stewardship principles?

Most of our products are manufactured here in New Zealand:
New Zealand's grid is over 80% renewable, meaning the energy used for our production is typically hydroelectric. Our staff are treated ethically.

We source great ingredients:
All of our products are compatible with a vegan lifestyle, are palm oil free, cruelty free, and gluten free.

We consider our product lifecycle:
We follow the circular economy model. This means we often prioritize metal over cardboard, and do not use any plastic(biodegradable or otherwise). PLA, cellophane, and other biodegradable plastics are not recyclable. This means they are a single use material, and disposal for most is only through landfill.

We follow the science:
By utilizing the latest research and deeply understanding the science behind what we sell, we aim to deliver a product which makes a difference to you, and the world.