30th April: There are no shipping delays in Australia/New Zealand, international orders are experiencing some delays.

The Q&A

Where are your products made?
All of our products, except for the bamboo toothbrushes, are made in New Zealand.

Why do you not offer refill packs for your oral care products?
The reality is we need to ship it to you in something. We often get requests for refills to be sent in cardboard, but we believe aluminium is a better option than cardboard. Cardboard is a limited use material which goes against our circular economy philosophy: It can only be recycled maybe once or twice, and then must be composted, burned, or buried. Our new tins weigh about 10 grams, and we would need to send you about 8 grams worth of cardboard to hold the product. It would also have a much higher chance of spoilage or damage.

This is important because while cardboard creates a third of the CO2 emissions during production compared to aluminium, recycling it uses almost no energy and after about three recycling trips, the aluminium has a lower overall CO2 profile. Also, fewer customers have access to composting compared to recycling. In fact, New Zealand recycles 150% of it's current cardboard processing capacity, so a third of what gets recycled is sent overseas.

The benefits keep coming: aluminium is infinitely & easily recyclable, valuable, and if the aluminium smelter is using a carbon friendly energy source, like the Tiwai Pt smelter in New Zealand running on hydroelectricity, it can actually flip the equation the other way around - virgin cardboard producing three times the emissions of virgin aluminium.

Finally, we are investigating packaging return & reuse schemes which are impossible to do with cardboard because we can't sterilize it.

So while we understand the drive to minimize packaging, please be rest assured we have put an enormous amount of money, time, and effort into our packaging so that it can go around and around!

Do you ship worldwide?
Yup! Check out our shipping policy. While the product is being made in New Zealand, we are setting up distribution centers around the globe to lower transportation emissions and reduce travel miles.

Why do you have fluoride in your products?
Fluoride ions combine with Calcium and Phosphate to form Fluorapatite. This is a stronger, more resistant mineral than Hydroxyapatite. Current dental research indicates that the mineral surface of our teeth is in a constant state of flux, so introducing fluoride brings this into the teeth and strengthens them. Fluoride is naturally present in ground water, however applying it topically is beneficial for delivering it where it needs to go.

Do you have any fluoride free alternatives?
We don't make them ourselves, but we are in the process of setting up a close alliance with a number of brands who will be able to supply fluoride free products made to their specification.

Are the bristles of your toothbrushes plastic free?
Sadly, no! This is the one place we feel eliminating plastic would compromise the oral health of our customers, since there is no suitable, vegan alternative we have found. Bristles claiming to be made out of "PLA" or "biodegradable" are often easily defeated by the simple burn test. Nylon is not a thermoplastic. If your bristles don't melt in fire, they are Nylon, and usually Nylon 6. However, this does generally fit into our circular economy philosophy as using your toothbrushes for two to three months is a lot better than plastic being used once. That's up to 180 uses!

What is your refund policy like?
Get in touch, and we'll refund it if you're not happy with the product or it's not what you expected.

Do you have wholesale?
Yes! We have set up wholesale, and can supply in several forms.