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Packaging Return

In line with our circular economy philosophy, we take back our used tins and packaging boxes from our subscribers. These are then sterilized and reused, reducing waste. This is currently a New Zealand only option, but we are working on expanding it globally.

How to return packaging:

  1. Wait for a return label which will be included every 6 months in your subscription renewal.
  2. Collect three of our postage boxes. 
    Please make sure this is only our packaging you're sending back, and that you send only three boxes.
    If you send back the wrong number of boxes, or the wrong packaging, it will make the program too expensive to run.
  3. Fill these boxes with used, empty tins. They must not bulge or be thicker than one tin.
  4. Wet the non-printed side of the paper slip, and put the wet side up.
  5. Stack the three boxes in the middle of the paper slip in landscape format.
  6. Wrap the label around the sides and top of the stack of boxes, so that they are all glued together.
  7. Drop it into your local NZ Post retailer. It's postage paid so just needs to be handed over or dropped in a parcel dropbox.

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